An Introduction to the Petroleum Industry

Duration: 1 day

Audience: Presented in non-technical language with many illustrations and examples, this course is designed for anyone who wants to better understand the petroleum industry. It will be of particular benefit to new employees to the energy sector, or to anyone wishing to participate in this critical segment of the economy. More experienced attendees have reported that the course has helped them to better appreciate their own area of specialization within the broader oil and gas business.

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals and background
    • Uses of oil and natural gas
    • Heavy, conventional and light crudes
    • Refining
    • International trade in oil and gas
    • LNG
    • Green Hydrogen
    • Major trends in supply, demand and price
  • History of the Industry
    • Early uses of petroleum
    • Birth and evolution of the modern industry
    • Effects on culture
    • Key events
    • Challenges facing the modern industry
  • Geology and Geophysics
    • Reservoirs, source rocks and traps
    • Sedimentary basins
    • Gravity and magnetic surveys
    • Seismic data (2D and 3D)
  • Petroleum Rights Administration
    • Freehold vs. Crown land
    • Rights issuance processes
    • Administration in Canada and the US
    • Concessionary and contractual systems
    • Political risk
  • Drilling
    • Major components of drilling rigs
    • The drilling process
    • Logging and coring
    • Directional drilling
    • Offshore rigs
    • Fracking
  • Production Systems
    • Onshore vs. offshore equipment
    • Systems used in eastern Canada
    • Construction procedures
    • Systems used around the world
    • Technological trends

Instructor: Phonse Fagan, M.Sc.

"Excellent job Phonse. Answered a lot of those "niggling" questions I've had for a few years at NOIA etc. Thanks."

Chris Newhook, Argentia Management Authority

"I recently had the privilege of attending, “Introduction to the Petroleum Industry”. As a new employee of the Oil & Gas Magazine, I needed to quickly and efficiently learn the jargon of the energy industry and find out what's going on here! Taking this course gave me SO much knowledge on the Offshore / Onshore Petroleum Industry: History, Jargon, Current Projects, and an entire overview of the industry. Now I have the confidence to talk about Oil & Gas in my everyday conversations with clients and at networking events. I am so thrilled I completed this course. Phonse is a great teacher and I never once lost interest in any topic during the course. Everything was interesting and the course had a great flow. Anyone who is curious to learn more about the Petroleum industry should take this course!"

Melissa Parsons, Digital Media Executive, The Oil and Gas Magazine




Some anonymous comments from feedback forms:

"A MUST for anyone anticipating working directly in the industry and also service industry people. Valuable for anyone, from entry level to management positions. Overall EXCELLENT!"

"Phonse - you are very knowledgeable! Lots of prep work went into this. You explain things in simple language which is easy to understand for even non-technical participants. Very informative session!"

"Great instructor! VERY informative! Would absolutely recommend this course to others."

"Very thorough and easy to follow."

"Learned a tremendous amount of info that will surely assist my everyday work. Well done!"

"Gave a great overview of the industry. Would recommend it to anyone involved in the industry. Thanks."

"Really enjoyed the course. Very informative and enlightening. A lot of content - presented very efficiently! Thank you!!"

"I thought the course was a great introduction to the industry! Good job!"

"Thank you very much for this course! The information makes part of my work week understandable. The history of the oil and gas industry and the offshore production sections were particularly interesting."

"Phonse - Excellent course! Certainly enhanced my understanding of the oil and gas industry - coming from a lay person. Look forward to building on today's course and will monitor your website. Thank you and congratulations on a great day of learning!"

"The course contained everything I expected and more! I would definitely recommend this course to others. Phonse, thank you for sharing your knowledge of the industry."

"Very precise and informative. Well educated teacher. Great educational course for this topic."

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