A.J. Fagan Consulting Inc.

A.J. Fagan Consulting Inc. provides services in:

  • Geophysical interpretation
  • Seismic permitting
  • Regulatory and Policy affairs
  • Training (see Petro-Ed) for the petroleum industry

phonse Fagan
Alphonsus Fagan, M.Sc., is a petroleum geophysicist with more than thirty years experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked for a major integrated oil company (Amoco) as an exploration geophysicist, for the government of Newfoundland & Labrador as a geophysical consultant, policy advisor and administrator, and as a private sector consultant and trainer. In his various professional roles, he has presented papers at numerous international conferences. Since 2001, he has been running oil and gas training courses for diverse audiences, including: hundreds of oil and gas professionals within the major exploration and service companies; government officials, investors, politicians and community leaders; and, the general public. He specializes in boiling down complex ideas into their essential concepts and explaining them in a clear and concise fashion. In 2020 he published two books designed to explain the "big concepts" of physics for the non-expert: "Mind Openers 1.0: A Conceptual Review of Modern Physics" and "Mind Openers 2.0: A Conceptual Reinterpretation of Modern Physics". One of his favorite sayings is: 'Most subjects are not difficult - they are just taught difficult. Learning should be fun!'

Contact Information
Phonse Fagan
8 Kennedy Road, St. John's NL
Canada, A1E 2G7

Phone: (709) 368-7930 or (709) 727-4517 (cell)
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