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"Phonse is a great teacher! He's the sort of person who is needed in a university or college. Thoroughly enjoyed the course (Introduction to the Petroleum Industry) and his teaching. Great lunch also!" - Elaine Pond, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Puglisevich

"Taking this course (Introduction to the Petroleum Industry) gave me SO much knowledge on the Offshore / Onshore Petroleum Industry: History, jargon, current projects, and an entire overview of the industry. Now I have the confidence to talk about Oil & Gas in my everyday conversations with clients and at networking events."   - Melissa Parsons, Digital Media Executive, The Oil and Gas Magazine

"Excellent job Phonse. Answered a lot of those "niggling" questions I've had for a few years!"  -Chris Newhook, Argentia Management Authority

I'd recommend this course (Oil and Gas for Investors) for anyone who wants to make more informed investment decisions - expert or layman alike! Very well put together and very well presented!"B J Fahey, President Bell Mobility Newfoundland & Labrador Division (retired)
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Petro-Ed & A.J. Fagan Consulting Inc.

Petro-Ed (a division of A.J. Fagan Consulting Inc.) is a St. John's NL based training company that specializes in providing short courses for the petroleum industry. Courses will be offered in cities throughout Canada and elsewhere in accordance with industry needs and interest.

The company started operations in March of 2001 with one course (An Introduction to the Petroleum Industry) that has received a positive and enthusiastic response, and has now expanded it's offerings to include a broad range of topics in petroleum geoscience and engineering.

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