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"Phonse is a great teacher! He's the sort of person who is needed in a university or college. Thoroughly enjoyed the course (Introduction to the Petroleum Industry) and his teaching. Great lunch also!" - Elaine Pond, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Puglisevich

"Taking this course (Introduction to the Petroleum Industry) gave me SO much knowledge on the Offshore / Onshore Petroleum Industry: History, jargon, current projects, and an entire overview of the industry. Now I have the confidence to talk about Oil & Gas in my everyday conversations with clients and at networking events."   - Melissa Parsons, Digital Media Executive, The Oil and Gas Magazine

"Excellent job Phonse. Answered a lot of those "niggling" questions I've had for a few years!"  -Chris Newhook, Argentia Management Authority

I'd recommend this course (Oil and Gas for Investors) for anyone who wants to make more informed investment decisions - expert or layman alike! Very well put together and very well presented!"B J Fahey, President Bell Mobility Newfoundland & Labrador Division (retired)
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